Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The "high waisted" trend in lingerie and swimwear

The 1950's are back with pinup, retro style lingerie and swimwear! I've noticed they are making a major comeback in shop windows and on the red carpet. I really like the high waisted skirts and dress pants.. Lingerie I'm still coming around to along with swim wear but if you have the right figure you sure can rock it... Here are some examples:
I love ruffles! Here are some really cute high waisted "briefs"
Love this with the garter belt
High top is no longer a "control top"
This look is NOT for everyone. I find I can pull off the skirt look but the bikini.lingerie doesn't suit me.
Taylor Swift looks great in it!
I couldn't pull this off personally but Miranda Kerr looks damn good! haha
What do you think of this 50's trend?

Monday, September 27, 2010



My favorite shoes ever...

I bought these shoes last fall and they were a complete splurge from Nine West...$149. Not THAT bad but I like shoes under $100 as a general rule. I have never bought shoes there before but I am SO impressed with the quality and how they have held up for over a year... You really do get what you pay for!!! I will buy their shoes again and again now! (Thanks Chanty...) I can't believe how much they match with as well-  browns or black etc

High heels make any outfit sexier... Especially if you are tall- ROCK IT!!! You should embrace your height and accentuate this awesome quality. I am 5'8 and used to think I couldn't wear high heels until I went for an inspiring shopping trip with my older cousin when I was at that impressionable 14-15 year old age... All awkward and self conscious. She made me buy my first real pair of true "high heels" and I haven't looked back since. Thanks SARAH!!! XOXOXO

Lia Sophia Jewelry!

One of my best friends, Kylie, started selling Lia Sophia Jewelry. Lia Sophia is relatively new to Canada but it is HUGE in the States- the biggest jewelry distributor in fact. It is bought through a consultant or via a jewelry party similar to Pampered Chef and Tupperware. I think that the product is fantastic. Everything has a lifetime warranty and I like the fact it doesn't tarnish because it is not stainless silver- I HATE polishing jewelry. If you host a jewelry party you get SO MUCH FREE STUFF!
We had a party on Friday and here is what I purchased. I love shiny's!!!!
These are called the "Lia Bangles". They also come in gold with burandy, green and gold. I think they will match a lot of stuff!
I wear a lot of purple so I thought I would get some good use out of this "Terrain Ring"
Apparently I was in a bracelet mood wowza... This is called "Fruity Pebbles" and I have the matching earrings so I had to get the bracelet toooo.. The earrings match everything so I am excited to get the matching bracelet :D
This is the "Tulle Bracelet".. Another cuff that will match with lots of stuff!
This is the "Merlin's Touch" bracelet.. I loooove it. I really wanted a gold cuff :)

AIYA! Normally I am an earring whore... Bracelets were the name of the game after a few glasses of vino on Friday I guess!!! Do you have any Lia Sophia jewelry?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some AWESOME reads!

I get all of my books from Amazon. I think their business model is brilliant.. Their books are a fraction of a cost than bookstores and they are shipped to your door. There is nothing worse than finishing one book in a series and needing the next novel NOW! Amazon did not turn a profit for their first few years in business because they were offering books at such a low cost.. I love walking into Indigo or Chapters, looking at all of the prices and then going to Amazon.ca and ordering everything for half of the price!!! I just ordered "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" for $16 and it was $36 at Indigo.. If you spend over $40 you get FREE SHIPPING as well! What could be better? When you shop on Amazon they also learn what type of books/movies/games you like and recommend books for you! They call it the "Andrea Store" or whoever you may be. I LOVE AMAZON!

Here are some of my favorite reads as of late...

Known as the "Millennium Series", written by author "Stieg Larsson" - these suspenseful novels will keep you captivated!!! I admit the first book was a bit difficult to get into.. But once you get to the middle of the book- hold on!!! I can't recommend these enough!!! I finished all three in about 2.5 months and was sad to see the adventures of Lisbeth Salander be put to rest. Stieg Larsson died of a massive heart attack before his time and the manuscripts for these three books were found after he died.. I bet he could have never guessed how popular these books were to become! With the third movie being made in Sweden and Hollywood set to start filming its own version in summer 2011. Give these a try!
What a charming read! Set post WWII this book is a series of letters back and forth depicting life during the war in a witty, lighter and intriguing way. I've fallen in love with the main character Juliet Ashton and her witty letters. I've laughed and cried with this book. :)
The true story of a impoverished, irresponsible upbringing for a family of six and the daughter who lived to write about it. This book is so captivating, heartbreaking and astonishing I often think about it. A MUST READ!
The story of Aminata Diallo- the West African village girl abducted from her home at 11 years old and sent to live as a slave in South Carolina. A story of perseverance, inspiration and heart wrenching truth. Follow Aminata from her village to a horrific slave boat, and an entire life of struggle. I could not put this book down.
Set in Mumbai, India between 1947 and 1977 during the turmoil of "The Emergency" this book is about four characters with varied backgrounds and profound stories. One of my favs!
One of my favorite books of all time! If you haven't seen the movie- DON'T! READ THE BOOK! I love the abstract concept. What a fantastically written book and interesting story.
I love Jodi Picoult books because they are such an easy read and have controversial, captivating story lines. "Plain Truth" is my favorite about an Amish girl accused of murder
I loved Twilight. What a great escape from reality and what an addiction! But I think I like "The Host" even more.. I loved the concept and storyline.. One of my all time favorite reads!!!
A true story about one of the worst child abuse cases in the United States. Heart wrenching and raw. I read this in one day and think of it often. Dave Pelzer was "the child called IT" who's mother abused and tortured him with everything from starving him to making him sleep on the concrete in the garage and called him "IT".. Not only did he survive his childhood.. You can also read his following books "The Lost Boy", "A Man Named Dave".. A true survivors story and inspiration to all!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

LivingSocial and Groupon!!!

Groupon and livingsocial are sites that you can sign up for and receive a daily special via e-mail. These sites are new for Calgary but have been going for years in larger cities such as London and New York. Some of these specials are steep deals and I have received specials for everything from pole dancing classes, spa days, restaurants, photo shoots, theater tickets, retail stores and much much more!!! It is free to sign up and you don't have to purchase anything that they send you. Today I bought $20 gift certificate for deVille for $10 and I have also purchased a $50 GAP gift certificate for $25!!! Really interesting deals are sent each day and if anything I have been getting ideas for different girls nights, dinner destinations and local business in Calgary.

Check it out! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Best Jewelry Cleaner!!!

My husband got my engagement and wedding band from Birks in Calgary and I LOVE my rings! It was always really important to me to like my rings because I have to wear them for the rest of my life (hopefully) and my mom never liked her wedding rings and still complains about them.

With the purchase of my rings Birks gave us their "Jewelry Sparkle" .. I'm onto my third container of this stuff and it is the BEST!!! It is only $12.00 and makes my rings and diamonds look brand new!!! I have one at home and at work and will polish my rings about once a week or every two weeks. It makes a huge difference.

All you do is pop your rings in the little basket and let them soak for a short amount of time- maybe 5 minutes max. Then you take the little brush and scrub the diamonds and polish and dry them with a soft cloth. Viola! Perfectly shiny diamonds again super quick! 

Birks Silver cleaner also works better than any polishing cloth I have ever used for only $12! Try it for your self.

Sighhh.. I loooove Birks designs and the designers they chose.. They only accept a certain quality of diamond and up and I love this nautical themed set!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hats for fall...

Here are some popular hat trends for this fall... feathers, pom poms and buttons! 

Love these funky feathered hats
Feathers and bling... can't go wrong!
Playful pom poms!
I love this button hat from Joe at Super Store!!! Their prices are so reasonable.
Knit caps are still in YAY! Love these.
Here is a Michael Kors for Fall 2010.. I WANT ONE IN HOT PINK! HEHEHE

I love hats...

Hats of every color, every season, every design... Some people have trouble pulling off a hat... Like my poor mother who's nickname is pinhead.. hehehehe... But I like hats if my curly hair has gone a lil' crazy... or if I just feel like getting up and going. I wish hats were considered formal business apparel for work! Here are a few of my favs:
I'm a third generation Calgarian so a cowboy hat has to be at the top of the list. This hat was FREE! They give out free hats the week before Stampede each year.. I always try to snaggle one. The dress is from French Connection on sale for $30 and the belt was only $20 from Purr. Us Calgarians need to have a full yee-haw worthy wardrobe ;)
Here is another outfit with the hat.. I got this dress a few years back from PUSCH for dirt cheap and it looks great for some giddy up
I Loooove this hat that I got from Betsey Johnson last season with matching mittens. I wear it tons in the winter and I love the flower and lil' bow.
HAHA this is me in Thailand.. I bought this from a street vendor. It is a traditional hat that they wear in the villages in northern Thailand such as Chang Mai or Chang Rai.
WATERMELLON HELMET COUNTS! Only houseboating... hahahaha
Oh May long camping.. One of my favorite weekends of the year. Love this lil' golfer hat.
We hosted a "CRAZY HAT PARTY" a few years back and you should have seen the funny hats!! I found this devil hat at Chuckles. It even has a little devil tail! HAHA
I loved this camo hat that I got at Le Chateau for $19 until I lost it houseboating :( .. NEVER HOUSEBOAT WITH EXPENSIVE SUNGLASSES OR HATS!
Safety first! haha.. It's a pellet gun, I promise! and this is AWESOME snowboarding helmet! Yay!
The hat I am most proud of wearing! Graduating from Mount Royal College Business School :)
BAHAHA... My husband and I at Kicking Horse.. The odd couple apparently. But for serious I love this plaid hat from "I Appeal" that I got a few years back. Looks really good with plum or forest green... Not really my ski suit
I loooove this BEBE toque I got in Vancouver on year. There are Swartsky crystals on it and the pom pom is rabbit fur... I mean.. faux fur... okay real but I skinned it myself and used the rabbit in a stew.. BAHAHA. I also have matching mittens which make me feel extra diva.
NOOO! The dreaded bridal shower hat! BAHAHA
This is probably my very favorite hat!!! It is actually my SOLE purchase from Holt Refrew ever... I can't stand paying for overpriced stuff... but this was only $30 regular price! These knitted hats are in again this season :D
This is my "pester mouse" hat!!!! It has two long pom poms coming from either ear. I LOVE IT! "I Appeal" for $30 :D
This is in Thailand on a jungle hike... I got this True Religion hat for only $10 when Underground was going out of business downtown.. SCORE!