Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Best Jewelry Cleaner!!!

My husband got my engagement and wedding band from Birks in Calgary and I LOVE my rings! It was always really important to me to like my rings because I have to wear them for the rest of my life (hopefully) and my mom never liked her wedding rings and still complains about them.

With the purchase of my rings Birks gave us their "Jewelry Sparkle" .. I'm onto my third container of this stuff and it is the BEST!!! It is only $12.00 and makes my rings and diamonds look brand new!!! I have one at home and at work and will polish my rings about once a week or every two weeks. It makes a huge difference.

All you do is pop your rings in the little basket and let them soak for a short amount of time- maybe 5 minutes max. Then you take the little brush and scrub the diamonds and polish and dry them with a soft cloth. Viola! Perfectly shiny diamonds again super quick! 

Birks Silver cleaner also works better than any polishing cloth I have ever used for only $12! Try it for your self.

Sighhh.. I loooove Birks designs and the designers they chose.. They only accept a certain quality of diamond and up and I love this nautical themed set!

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