Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The "high waisted" trend in lingerie and swimwear

The 1950's are back with pinup, retro style lingerie and swimwear! I've noticed they are making a major comeback in shop windows and on the red carpet. I really like the high waisted skirts and dress pants.. Lingerie I'm still coming around to along with swim wear but if you have the right figure you sure can rock it... Here are some examples:
I love ruffles! Here are some really cute high waisted "briefs"
Love this with the garter belt
High top is no longer a "control top"
This look is NOT for everyone. I find I can pull off the skirt look but the bikini.lingerie doesn't suit me.
Taylor Swift looks great in it!
I couldn't pull this off personally but Miranda Kerr looks damn good! haha
What do you think of this 50's trend?


  1. Oooh cool pics Andies. I like high waists on skirts, and maybe SOME pants, but I'm not digging it on swimwear/lingerie. Love those ruffley pair though =P

  2. I am so thankful that high waisted is in again! I wear a size 4 but have mega stretch marks from pregnancy and weight loss that absolutely have to be covered! I'm happy to have more choices this year!! =o)

    1. Omg me too I'm still a size 4 post pregnancy but last year was dreadful because my stretch marks went up to my belly button. This has made my life much better.

  3. I think that most people can't wear (if one can say it like this, because after all it's a matter of personal taste) low-waisted bikini bottoms, because of stretchmarks, remaining skin after weight loss or just a little bit too much food in their bellies. I personally think high waisted nearly always is flattering in contrary to low-waisted, cause these in jeans and bikinis alike can cause muffintops.

  4. Can you tell me where the blue swimsuit can be found? I love that one!!!

    1. Check this site:
      they're selling high waisted bikini


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