Monday, September 20, 2010

I love hats...

Hats of every color, every season, every design... Some people have trouble pulling off a hat... Like my poor mother who's nickname is pinhead.. hehehehe... But I like hats if my curly hair has gone a lil' crazy... or if I just feel like getting up and going. I wish hats were considered formal business apparel for work! Here are a few of my favs:
I'm a third generation Calgarian so a cowboy hat has to be at the top of the list. This hat was FREE! They give out free hats the week before Stampede each year.. I always try to snaggle one. The dress is from French Connection on sale for $30 and the belt was only $20 from Purr. Us Calgarians need to have a full yee-haw worthy wardrobe ;)
Here is another outfit with the hat.. I got this dress a few years back from PUSCH for dirt cheap and it looks great for some giddy up
I Loooove this hat that I got from Betsey Johnson last season with matching mittens. I wear it tons in the winter and I love the flower and lil' bow.
HAHA this is me in Thailand.. I bought this from a street vendor. It is a traditional hat that they wear in the villages in northern Thailand such as Chang Mai or Chang Rai.
WATERMELLON HELMET COUNTS! Only houseboating... hahahaha
Oh May long camping.. One of my favorite weekends of the year. Love this lil' golfer hat.
We hosted a "CRAZY HAT PARTY" a few years back and you should have seen the funny hats!! I found this devil hat at Chuckles. It even has a little devil tail! HAHA
I loved this camo hat that I got at Le Chateau for $19 until I lost it houseboating :( .. NEVER HOUSEBOAT WITH EXPENSIVE SUNGLASSES OR HATS!
Safety first! haha.. It's a pellet gun, I promise! and this is AWESOME snowboarding helmet! Yay!
The hat I am most proud of wearing! Graduating from Mount Royal College Business School :)
BAHAHA... My husband and I at Kicking Horse.. The odd couple apparently. But for serious I love this plaid hat from "I Appeal" that I got a few years back. Looks really good with plum or forest green... Not really my ski suit
I loooove this BEBE toque I got in Vancouver on year. There are Swartsky crystals on it and the pom pom is rabbit fur... I mean.. faux fur... okay real but I skinned it myself and used the rabbit in a stew.. BAHAHA. I also have matching mittens which make me feel extra diva.
NOOO! The dreaded bridal shower hat! BAHAHA
This is probably my very favorite hat!!! It is actually my SOLE purchase from Holt Refrew ever... I can't stand paying for overpriced stuff... but this was only $30 regular price! These knitted hats are in again this season :D
This is my "pester mouse" hat!!!! It has two long pom poms coming from either ear. I LOVE IT! "I Appeal" for $30 :D
This is in Thailand on a jungle hike... I got this True Religion hat for only $10 when Underground was going out of business downtown.. SCORE!

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  1. Never realized you had so many hats, Andies!!!!
    You'd put anyone's collection to shame.


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