Monday, September 27, 2010

Lia Sophia Jewelry!

One of my best friends, Kylie, started selling Lia Sophia Jewelry. Lia Sophia is relatively new to Canada but it is HUGE in the States- the biggest jewelry distributor in fact. It is bought through a consultant or via a jewelry party similar to Pampered Chef and Tupperware. I think that the product is fantastic. Everything has a lifetime warranty and I like the fact it doesn't tarnish because it is not stainless silver- I HATE polishing jewelry. If you host a jewelry party you get SO MUCH FREE STUFF!
We had a party on Friday and here is what I purchased. I love shiny's!!!!
These are called the "Lia Bangles". They also come in gold with burandy, green and gold. I think they will match a lot of stuff!
I wear a lot of purple so I thought I would get some good use out of this "Terrain Ring"
Apparently I was in a bracelet mood wowza... This is called "Fruity Pebbles" and I have the matching earrings so I had to get the bracelet toooo.. The earrings match everything so I am excited to get the matching bracelet :D
This is the "Tulle Bracelet".. Another cuff that will match with lots of stuff!
This is the "Merlin's Touch" bracelet.. I loooove it. I really wanted a gold cuff :)

AIYA! Normally I am an earring whore... Bracelets were the name of the game after a few glasses of vino on Friday I guess!!! Do you have any Lia Sophia jewelry?


  1. Hey this is really cute jewellery. Loving those cuffs. How much were they, can you put the prices up next time?

  2. I didn't put the prices on this one for a reason .... *EvIl cAcKLe*

  3. Please let us know what price range the bracelets are in. I have never seen this line of jewellery before and am interested. Thanks!


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