Thursday, September 16, 2010

My new lil' outfit

I got the below layered tank and sweater vest with military buttons from Suzy Shier for $25 per piece.. REGULAR PRICE! I'm not a huge fan of the Dynamite/Chado/Garage establishments but Suzy Shier's clothing seems to wash really nicely and it is the PERFECT place to get business clothes for so cheap! They have tons of good deals on all the time. When I was there earlier this week they had every dress in the store on for $30 and if you bought a blazer at regular price you got the bottoms of your choice for free. I also like the 10% off "Prestige Card" you can get and sometimes they will allow Prestige Card owners 20% off
The layered top is in forest green and the sweater vest in cream.. I love cream sweaters in the fall/winter to match everythingI love vests.. They are so comfortable and cute looking. Vests are really in style this season but not your average preppy sweater vest.. More edgy and with shorter wastes, funky buttons and different materials.

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe
Love this one from New York Fashion week last week. Jackets are "so ten minutes ago"
Alice & Olivia Fur Vest, $495

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  1. Awwww, I'm loving all of these posts!
    Great inspiration with all of these vests.
    I love Suxy Sheir too, they have the best work pants ever, they last a long time, and SO cheap!


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