Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New ShOeS

What woman.... and MAN, let's be honest, doesn't love slipping on a new pair of shoes? I used to get in trouble from my parents for having far too many pairs of kickers but now I have some nice IKEA organizers in my closet at home to help tuck them away... and slowly integrate them into the closet ;) 
Here are my finds yesterday from Winners. I took one of my co-workers who was having trouble spending her fall wardrobe budget.. BAHAHA she asked the right downtown diva to take her shopping! Winners is a great place to find designer shoes and clothing for cheaper. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to "dig" but the shoes can always be looked over quite quickly.
I found these lil' dandy's by the brand "Hot Lips" for $34.99. I really needed brown flats for my dress pants this fall and I LOVE SHINY THINGS.. I'm sure you will see a lot of bling in this blog
I love these shiners for $35!!! They have made my heels a bit sore today though unfortunately... Ah well beauty is pain damn it.
I found these patent leather Steve Madden slingbacks as well for only $49!!! I have been REALLY into patent platforms lately and I have been paying $100+ so these were a huge score to complete my platform collection. I love how the toes are like a stubby triangle

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE .....
    Ahhhh I think this will be my new fave blog!!!!!
    Could be dangerous .. already have a wee bit of a shopping obsession ;)


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