Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My best friend is getting marriedddddd!

I have been best friends with my girlfriend Shannon for over 15 years!!! We met when I first moved to Douglasdale from Canyon Meadows in Calgary and I used to stalk her while she delivered fliers from door to door.. I would always wait by the window and think "she is such a pretty girl... wish I could have a friend like that".. Luckily enough we hit it off and she has been such a supportive "forever friend". She was my maid of honor last year:
She is getting married to the love of her life this January 15th, 2011 and I am her maid of honor! 
Mark and Shannon at their engagement party. Good looking couple!
Shannon and Mark are getting married at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff and it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL winter wedding. Her colors are cranberry, white and black. Here is what the bridesmaid dress looks like- except it will be in cranberry:
This is the WRONG size and color but you can get the point. Like a ballerina! We got them from the Bridal Center and they should be coming in any day now. I think they will look awesome in cranberry.
We got these black shoes to match our dresses last night. They were SUCH A STEAL!!! We were looking at a bunch of different stores in the mall and the prices ranged from $70-120 and most of the stores didn't even have all three of our sizes. We ended up going to SEARS and got these on sale for $35! WOOP!
CONGRATS SHANNY! Love you.. You are going to make a STUNNING BRIDE! Can't wait to be there right beside you on your big day. XOXOX

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  1. YAYYYY, you girlies look so pretty in all the pics xoxox <3


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