Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Headband Collection

I love headbands.. They can make your look different from the norm and I like wearing them to tame my wild curly locks if my curly hair isn't doing what I want... I have a few and here they are! P.S... It sucks taking photos of yourself! Ick! hahaha... Someone's gotta be a model and James wouldn't agree ;)
This is my favorite headband of all time! I got this from Urban in Montreal last year and I remember really hesitating before I spent $30 on a headband.. I am so glad I did because I wear it all the time! Love the feather! WE ARE GETTING AN URBAN IN CALGARY YAYYY! Here are some photos I took at the Urban in Montreal.. Such funky stuff and they use recycled material and random stuff...
I love these headbands I got from Thailand because they can be worn wide like this or...
skinny like this one! It is the same headband just a different color. I wore them constantly in Thailand to keep my "humidity hair" in check. It gets so big there!
I love shiny things!!! I got this one from a consignment store for only $8 yay! I wear it with black a lot and I have a peach dress that matches the one peach stone!
I get so many compliments on this one I got from the Banana Republic outlet for $12.. It is a bit snug around my head but it's super pretty and I like the double headband part. I wear this one lots :)
Gawd these are some brutal pics.. James insisted he loves this photo.. I insisted I looked like Gonzo.. anywaysss.. The show must go on. This is a super nice reversible Coach "head scarf" my sister in law got for me! I LOVE IT! I love anything rainbow! Here is the other side:
I wear this side a lot! Super cute!
I wear this braided gold & black silk headband when I wear gold. It was from Aldo for like $8
$3! Shoppers Drug Mart!
Aaaannnndddd I officially hate my nose at all these angles. HOPE YOUR HAPPY LINDSAY! BAHAHA

Another GREAT place to shop for headbands is Holt Renfrew.. They are overpriced like every item in that store but damn there are some gorgeous pieces!

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  1. I think you look gorgeous in all your pics.
    And wow you have a lot of headbands!!


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