Friday, October 15, 2010

Nail Trends

Celebrities have been rocking some super different and unique nail trends... The majority of the nails you see below are the new beauty trend: Minxed Nails. Celebs such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna and Fergie have been rocking the Minx nails. The nails take no time to apply and adhere to your nails once they are heated up under a lamp Here are a few of the wild designs!
Katy Perry posted  these "lace tip nails" on Twitter yesterday.. If you don't have Twitter- GET IT!!! It is amazing! I am so up to date on everything from weather to breaking news to celeb gossip.. LOVE IT!
Here is Katy Perry again tweeting her nails on her and Russell Brand's one year anniversary.. Funny!
Katy Perry tweeting TWO really popular trends right now: fang-like pointed nails and the reverse french "moon" manicure!
Polka dots and graphic designs in bright colors are all the rage right now!
These are my favorite! Katy Perry again.. I LOVE SHINY THINGS!
Okay maybe  THESE ARE MY FAV!!! Diamonds are a girls best friend. These look expensive.
RAWR. Love these fierce nails!
Love these flower stick ons!
White nails are really popular right now! This is Kim Kardashian tweeting :)

Metallic nails are super in right now.. Here is Kim Kardashian again on her way to the BUSH concert as you can see!
Rihanna is famous for super funky nails and unique designs
Neon nails are a huge trend!


Here is Rihanna again.. I LOVE THE BOWS! So cute! Probably my favorite :)

I love buttons too.. but these are a little over the top for me :p
These are from the Tokyo nail expo this year.. Looks like nails are getting not only wild designs but SHAPES and TEXTURES... Crazy... These are called 3D nails!
More 3D nails... I have enough trouble keeping my nails on without the gumball machines~!
I'm a sucker for butterflies so I think these are gorgeous!

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  1. Love these nails.
    There are soooo many great nail styles in Japanese Kawaii mags .. I'm addicted to them! I'm not sure how long they would last for working girls like us at our comps! haha.


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