Monday, October 4, 2010

Some new purchases from Indigo...

I really like Indigo's "irewards" card.. I seem to always get further discounts on books and I save 5% off of best sellers etc.. I purchased the following things at Indigo which I am excited about!
My brother and his girlfriend just bought a new house.. I got this for them and filled it with photos of them and our family for $20! I got it in a dark brown color and it looks great :) .. I think personalized gifts like frames, homemade gifts or something specific is always the best gift.

By the same author as "Glass Castle", this edition is about Jeannette's Walls grandmother who endures floods, tornadoes, droughts, The Great Depression, and the most heartbreaking personal tragedy".. I can't wait to start this!
James loves finance, business, stock and money books.. They are his favorite and he has a HUGE library of them.. I thought I would get him this new best seller called "TOO BIG TO FAIL".. about the inside story of who Wall Street aand Washington fought to save the financial system... It has gotten really good reviews so we will seeee.

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