Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I had a successful "ONE STOP CHRISTMAS SHOP" at my house on Sunday and 10 vendors in total came out to sell their wares, place orders and book shows! They were as follows:
Lia Sophia Jewelry
Pampered Chef (Me!)
Epicure Selections
Norwex Enviro Products
Party Lite
Miche Bags

I ended up doing a little shopping of my own... *sigh*.. Spending my profits already! And here is what I bought:
This is a Scentsy warmer.. It was $36 and I already have one for the upstairs  that I LOVE! The reason these warmers are so great is that you don't need a tea light to melt the wax in the top which ends up being costly- it is actually a plug in device that has a light bulb to melt the wax which is much safer and cost effective than a lit flame. I LOVE THESE! The wax smell
I am obsessed with PartyLite!!! I bought this "Pillar Garden" of three pillars for $40.. They are the best candles on the planet because their pillars burn flat like a pancake and don't tunnel so you use ALL of the wax. I cannot buy cheap, crappy candles anymore. The wicks are 100% cotton so they do not give off any lead in the air and there is a little metal disc at the bottom to extinguish the candles when they go out.. I can't say enough about these :)
The special was if you spent $50 you got TWO "best burn barrel jars" for $12.. These barrel jars smell amazing and burn super good. :D
I really love Epicure. I use tons of their spices in my cooking and it is so quick and easy to make dips with them. I ordered the "toasted onion" because all you need is 2 Tbs. of it to equal half of an onion! I always find I am out of onion when I need it so this will help!
This hummus dip is AWESOME! All you need is 2 Tbs. of this, 1 Tbs. water, oil & lemon and chick peas and you are good to go! The spices are only $7.50 each
These two sandwich keepers were only $16.50 from Tuppeware.. I am always squishing my sandwiches so I thought it was a good idea :D
This is a spaghetti storage container that has a special lid which helps you dispense exactly enough spaghetti for your guests! I never guess the correct amount so this will help! $17

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