Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Bow accessories are super hot right now. I've been seeing bow jewelry, hair accessories and on clothing for a few months now and I wonder if Gaga was the inspiration to this ?
I think she is a GENIUS! A musical genius and a unique style icon. I always look so forward to seeing what she will wear. She is such a mysterious and interesting person and I love hearing her explain the meanings behind her wacky outfits and song lyrics. She has a "GAGA TEAM" that work for her and create all of the things she wears. They always fight her and say "no.. you can't wear meat on the red carpet".. but she demands it and fights them on a day to day basis. LOVE HER!
I got this cute little bow ring from Spring yesterday toooo. $7.99... Much cheaper than the Juicy Couture one I saw at The Bay for $119
 Here are some other cuties:
This one is real diamonds. SHINY!
I really like the colored ones as well

I like the rope look on this one
Love this!!! So unique
Shiny Chanel CHA CHING!

Love this dress and the black lace bow
*DROOL* MAMA WANT! Dolce & Gabbana

TeHeHehehe take a bow!

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  1. Awww, love bows too!
    Nice ring, and what a great deal!


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