Wednesday, November 17, 2010


BAH! I've been trying sooo hard to not shop... I just got my kitchen done... new winter tires (what a crappy way to spend money... no fun.. they are not shiny at all), new fence etc... But with this snowy weather I HAD to purchase some boots to get me to work safe and warm. Right? RIGHT! Much to the annoyance of my husband.. This IS the one downfall of this shopping blog.. Good ol' Jammers logging in and actually seeing my purchases instead of me slowly integrating them into my closet and ripping the tags off... *evil cackle*... 

Here is *some* of what I purchased... Once the other items have been "integrated" I will post them.. BAHAHA
I GOT MY GREY BOOTS I GOT MY GREY BOOOOOTS!!!! I am SOOO excited and they are SOOO warm on this snowy, cold day. These are Emu's wool "Avoca" boot that I have had my eye on for a few weeks. And guess what? They were on SALE! *BLISS*... I got them from Town Shoes downtown for $119.. I think that is a great deal for Uggs. Emu is a much cheaper brand than the "Ugg" brand. They were regularly $149.
Here's me in them this morning... with my leopard print tights. James was  calling me a snow leopard this morning. HEHE! Uggs are best worn with no socks. They are warmer this way and were designed to be worn without socks. Sheep wool doesn't make your feet stink either. My first pair of "Uggs" I actually helped make in Australia when I was there.. They have this great "Eagle Wools" shop in Perth and I bought them before they were even a hit in North America. I was going to call and order a pair from there but fell in love with these.
I made sure to spray them with three good coats. I want to sleep in them and walk around in them foreverrrrr TEEEHEHEHE!
I got these sexy numbers from Spring Shoes.... On sale for $69 ??? YEE HAW! I love the lace up, good tread and darkened toe. Only downfall is they are fabric and not suede but thus the cheap price.
Here they are on the snow leopard this morn. Excuse the empty wine bottles in the background.. Had 'one of those days' yesterday. I've wanted brown boots for a long time. And they are quite comfortable as well.
I also bought these earrings at Spring for $7.99
I got these for $7.99. I love the way feather earrings look.
I almost purchased these BEAUTIES from Town Shoes... They are MIZ MOOZ boots. So comfortable and amazing leather. I love the toe and scrunched ankle look... I think they would match with a lot too. They were $255 though.. SEE JAMES??? I CAN SHOW RESTRAINT!!!!!

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    They look so warm!!! And I love the lace at the top.
    You're going to have such a comfy cozy winter in those my sweets =)


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