Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I LoOvE butterflies!

This is a ring I got at the Spruce Meadows Christmas fair last year. It is amber and I love it and how it is angled on my hand like a butterfly has just landed :) This year the Christmas market at Spruce Meadows will be open from November 19-21st. It's a great place to get decorations and gifts.. and maybe something for yourself ;)

This is call "wallflutter".. I have them all over my main floor bathroom. They start from the baseboards and fly towards the ceiling... Entertaining to look at while your going to the lieu. I found mine at Urban Barn but you can find them at such locations as I Appeal etc for $19.99. They are so cute & whimsical
On the other wall in my bathroom I have a few framed butterfly pieces. I think they are beautiful... I have accents of blue on my main floor so these work really well.
I think it looks really pretty when there is no frame at all and they are set in acrylic like this too. Beauty from nature!
Mariah Carey is famous for her butterfly ring she always sports.
I think this headband would be really pretty on with the right outfit. Love monarchs and blue butterflies :)
Oh my... New chapeau anyone ??
SO pretty!
Victoria Secret, 2008
Matching headphones for your computer below!
"Digital clutch" aka. HP Notebook.. LOVE IT!
Funky tights... Patterned tights are huge right now
Wool/felt butterfly rings. FuNkY
One of the great things about living in a place like Vancouver- fun gum boots!
I think there is a fine line cheesy butterfly pieces and works of art... I'm a sucker when I find a beautiful butterfly piece!

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