Monday, November 1, 2010


YAYYY! Me as Jane Jetson. SO MUCH BETTER! You can actually use your curling irons and straight irons on wigs- even at their full temperatures. I couldn't believe it!!! and THANK THA LORD! I was prepared to be more "comical" than sexy this year.. It made my night that it worked. My dress was also too big so I stapled it to fit my body better and used double sided tape to keep my boots up. Everyone thought it was a hoot! YAY!
My besties and I... Missing a few ladies though ;)
 Some of the ladies from the party! Love Snow White's Costume!!! And the hot miss zombie bunny ;)
Some of the guys... The clown was the host.. It spooked me out so bad!!!!
My husband is a huge jokester and "George Jetson" was too "gay" for him.. He wanted something funny.. He said to me when his costume arrived "I would pay you $50 to NOT wear that costume"... Brutal... He decided on Naheed Nenshi instead- Calgary's newly voted in mayor.
All in all it was SUCH a fun night!!! We danced our little hearts away. Thanks Alicia and Cooper for a great party!!! And thanks to my gals who I had the most fun with of all MWAH!

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  1. Such a good night!
    And you looked SOOOO HOT in that outfit!!
    Love all these pics, Andies =)


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