Monday, November 8, 2010

I want grey boooooots

It all began with one of my girlfriends showing up to our monthly "Foreplay Friday" event with these killer grey boots... and now I want some TooOoo.... Here are my favorites...
Versatile... My girlfriend Rochelle had a pair like this on last week and rocked them with so many different colors and looks
Love the shape and buttons on these.

How much fun are these?!
I think these Steve Madden's might be the favorite... Love the slouchy top
Fun for casual days ? Why do men hate Uggs? I guess they are not sexy.. James always threatens to burn mine.. haha! I like this pretty cable knit on these. Their unique!
Love the buttons down the side of these boots Kate Hudson is rocking
I wish mukluks like this weren't $300-400.. I think they're SO CUTE! And warm.. Nothing will make me go shovel snow off my car like Uggs!
Good for more dressier occasions/the office... I think these would be super sexy on
I love the strappy/buckle look
These are quite unique as well. I think they would look great with tights.

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