Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MY NEW KITCHEN!!!!! Before & After

We just finished getting granite installed in our new kitchen and I am IN LOVE!!! I cannot believe what a great deal we got and what a difference it makes in our home. We previously had laminate counters that were beginning to lift because there was a small leak around the sink... I was not TOO sad to see them go so I could get granite!!! And of course... ended up getting a new silgranite sink, tap, and back splash... Here are the before and after photos :D
P.S. If you are looking to get granite done- this guy came in $1800 cheaper than ANY quote that we got and had it finished in 4 days time as the other companies all quoted me 35-65 days!!!!... His name is Bardhyl and the company is Alba Granite.  albagranite@shaw.ca 403-617-2117

Our house is only three years old so nothing looks old by any means... The lifting occurred right behind the kitchen taps and was a big bubble that is hard to see in this photo.

Take note of the back splash and length of the counters in this one!

What a difference!!! Love how the granite lightens up the kitchen and the funky back splash which cost me a fortune but I LOOOOVE IT! AND the extended counter!!!!
Love this new back splash!!! Its a mix of stone, granite and mosaic glass. I like how our granite guy did the four inch piece at the end of the extended counter as well.
This is the little space between the fridge where we have a TV so I can watch cooking shows while I cook or eat my breakfast.
The island is SO much bigger.. It's longer and wider. But the best part is the UNDER MOUNT SINK! OMG what a DIFFERENCE! There is so much counter space and you can actually just wipe crumbs right into the sink and not have a skanky lip that gets all grody. I also really like our new brushed nickle tap. Silgranite sinks are 80% granite and are the most scratch resistant sinks on the market. They also are not affected by hot pans, knives, stains or smells. I found one on Kijiji for $360!!!! They are anywhere from $700-1100 online or at Home Depot.
The counter extension has given us SO much more counter space!!! It makes a HUGE difference. Now I am thinking of getting a stainless, blue-lit beverage fridge for underneath it.. Other options are a wine rack or even another cabinet!
Give Bardhyl a call if you are thinking of getting some granite done! He also did our ensuite bathroom INCLUDING a new square under mount sink for only $500!!!! WOOOOOO!


  1. This guy doesn't pay his workers I know because he owes me money. Go to another shop if you care about these things. I recommend Action Stone Solutions.

    1. This was Posted by a disgruntled former worker. Alba is the up an up on every level. Try are very good to everyone they deal with. U know cause I work with and for them

  2. Yes, a nice countertop could make a big difference in the kitchen. It's good that you went for granite. They are much more durable than marble, scratch-proof, and low in maintenance. Today, there are hundreds of colors for countertops to choose from. To those who are having a hard time choosing a color, when in doubt, always go for a neutral color, like the ones in the pictures here. You wouldn't go wrong with this. Even if you change some paint in the kitchen, it would still complement for it is neutral. However, don't be afraid to experiment with colors; ask for experts' advise.

    Majestic Exteriors

  3. I think it was great timing when you renovated some part of your kitchen. You didn't push your plan just because you wanted to, but because you know that your kitchen demands improvement. The current look of your kitchen is awesome. It is different from the previous one, especially with the design of the back splash and the countertop. It looks more livelier now too. Did you make changes lately though?

    Robbie Marinero @ TNT Tile & Marble Inc


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