Friday, November 12, 2010

Salsa Dress?!

My girlfriends and I have our monthly Foreplay Friday tonight and I am SO EXCITED! We are heading to Don Quiote in Calgary and it is a Latin club and there will be some SALSA dancing! We will also be eating there as they have a great restaurant.. I can't afford a new dress right now after my kitchen reno but a girl can dream, right? Here are some of my favorites. I love professional dancing ball gowns... So pretty and this will help me get in the spirit ;)

When I think "salsa" dress I definitely think red, uneven bottom, flower in the hair :D
ShInY! My fav... The back looks sexy too
Fuchsia is really pretty too. I like the neckline on this one
Purple is one of my favorite colors and I wear it tons. This is fun!

A sexy dress that anyone could pull off. Good for most body types

Circa 1950s.. I think this would be gorgeous on!
GORGEOUS! Love the bottom!

I AM OFFICIALLY IN THE MOOD TO SALSA DANCE! I think I will go for a little black dress of mine that has a ruffly bottom... Stay tuned ;)


  1. Aww, pretty dresses! Too bad we didn't end up doing any dancing .... ohhhhhh the Maid lol.

  2. Hi i'd like to know how can i buy the black georgeus dress. Thnks

  3. How can I purchase the white dress. I have got to have this for an event I have coming up.

  4. Where can be purchase some of these dresses? I absolutely LOVE the white dress.

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  7. Where can I buy the white beautiful salsa dress? :)


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