Friday, November 26, 2010


You see something you just CANNOT pass up.. Something unique... Something ONE OF A KIND.. SOMETHING YOU MAY NEVER SEE AGAIN.. I was at a trade show today at lunch and met this incredible alpaca wool monkey that I fell head over heels for. I have no children, nieces, nephews or friends children but I loved it so much I could honestly see my children playing with it... I will put it in a special "hope chest" I have decided to create and here he is!!!! He is imported from a tiny village and he is a "fair trade" product. Fair trade is a market-based approach to help producers in developing countries. SEE?? Now I'm a philanthropist AND a pretty and smart individual.. BAHAHAHA
Here he is at the store... Lonely with no family to call his own.. And only at $39 for a fair trade imported alpaca handmade piece is pretty reasonable. HE IS SO SOFT!!! Unbelievably soft
And here he is in my office... He has been adopted and is very cited about this!
Sometimes..... You also find another piece that is just so darn cute and also made of alpaca wool and perfect for a gift!!! I found this chubby little prairie dog there as well! I LOVE HIM! I am going to gift him to James' cousin who just had a baby girl. They live on the coast and what better gift to receive from Prairie dwellers like ourselves?
Chubby gopher with a purse! I want to put something special inside her wittle purse tooooooo
"thank you for finding me a homeeee" :D ...

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