Wednesday, November 24, 2010

White tights- two looks

In this freezing -30 weather there are little few pieces of clothing that will keep you warmer than tights... Or as James calls them.. Long underwear in disguise.. He always says "why are you wearing my long underwear?" Har har har Jammers!!! It is very difficult to be fashionable in this deep freeze but here are a few outfits I have paired with my new white cable knit leggings from Winners for $16.99:
I got this tunic top from Suzy Shier for $15? WOO! I am also sporting my new Emu's and my favorite feather headband
This is my "lumberjack" dress I got in Montreal in January.. I LOVE IT! The plaid overlay is actually see-through and there is a silk layer underneath. It is a really unique piece I found at a boutique and there was only one left.
I'm also rocking my new boots which I have had tons of compliments on today.. They are not the warmest but they ARE the cutest.. TEEEHEHE!
Stay warm peeps! MWAH!

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  1. GORGEOUS! I love that first outfit, it's perfect with the headband!
    Oh and I've seen you wear that lumber jack dress before, it's so cute.


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