Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goth with an attitude...

I seem to have a Gossip Girl theme here even though I have never watched the show... Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and now Taylor Momsen. Taylor Momsen is a 17 year old with a serious attitude... She rants about sex toys, how she's "over" having sex with men and how young girls should masturbate but she's only 17!!! Gossip Girl has been her big break but she was recently kicked off the show for a number of inappropriate rants and public flashings with her band "The Pretty Reckleess".. I cannot stand this little brat's gothic wardrobe and sexual rants.. See how she went from sweet, edgy blonde to gothic girl:
Here is Taylor in 2008. SMILING at the camera... She has always favored dark eyeliner as her signature. This is the most angelic I have EVER seen her look... Keep scrolling down...
Taylor is only 15 in this photo....
16 years old here...
Looking very much like Courtney Love on her Sweet 16 birthday
Fast forward to 2010 and it all goes downhill from here....
17 years old here...
Oh my. Here is Taylor at the MTV EMA's in November... This is as much of a smile as you will get out of her
Not a fan of the bag lady look. Her dog is dressed cuter!
How was this even allowed? A 17 year old on the cover of a magazine in lingerie with a hand gun and a rifle!?
What do you think?? Would you allow your teenager to be dressing/acting/talking like this!?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


At Canadian Tire of all places on Saturday. My friend and co-worker gave me a heads up that they had a good deal at Canadian Tire and boy did they ever! $199!!! This thing holds SOOO much it would blow your mind. For our party on Saturday it contained 3 full cases of beer, 12 coolers, and over 12 bottles of wine. It says it has a "36 Bottle Capacity" but I bet that it would even hold more than that. I was so excited when I turned it on that it even lit up blue like I wanted! EEEEE! It somehow makes our kitchen feel a lot bigger too like we got another bank of cupboards or something?! Either way... I am a happy lil' duck :D
We had this counter set up as a bar on Saturday and the location for this fridge worked out well :)
The biggest problem with finding a fridge is that it was to wide and stuck out where the counter angled off... This guy was the perfect height and width... And price! hehe

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift ideas for women...

Here is for all the men out there or if you are stuck finding something for one of your girlfriends... Ladies love thoughtful gifts and something that takes a little more time than the usual GIFT CARD or bath products for that matter... No bath products unless they are high end damn it!.. PFFTTT.. Here are some ideas.
Women like LOTS of little gifts.. Not just one big one... Try wrapping individual pieces or each pair of socks etc.
I think Christmas ornaments are such a thoughtful gift because each year you put the ornament up you think of the person who gifted it to you. And women like things that sparkle! These gorgeous ornaments are this years Swarovski favorites. You can find Swarovski at Cross Iron Mills, TD Square or most Bay locations.
Every woman needs a good, warm pair of winter boots and mostly ALL women love shoes! Check her shoe size out on some of her current shoes to know what size she is.
Ya they may not be the sexiest pj's on the block but fleece pajama's are one of the nicest gifts ever! So comforting, warm and your lady will get a LOT of use out of them. Great gift for a girlfriend as well.
I LOVE Broadway and live theater.. Jubilations Dinner Theater in Calgary and Stage West is a great gift of two of my favorite things- FOOD and THEATER! As I have mentioned.. Time is one of my favorite gifts and this ensures for a fun date down the road.
You can't go wrong with sparkle for a woman.. Whether it be a necklace, bracelet or watch. I find that I lose earrings a little too easy but something like a timepiece she will always wear is a great idea.
The distracted driving law goes into effect on June 1st 2011 for Alberta.. It would be a great idea to get Bluetooth or in this case- BlueAnt for the phone fanatic you know. James got me this for my birthday and I thought it was a great idea!
Book worm? Gift her the Amazon Kindle! Download books and read with the lightweight, transportable e-book. Enables users to shop for, download, browse and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media.
I got one of these for my mom last year with all different funky stained glass frames and put a bunch of family photos in it. A keepsake for a lifetime! I found mine at Carlton Cards of all places!
Green thumb? Look how cute this garden set is!
I got this AWESOME cookbook from my girlfriend... Any bakers/boozers in your life? I can't wait to try some of the recipes!
This is the Voice Recognition Grocery List Organizer for $100 which has a built-in microphone and it generates a grocery list on your vocal commands. It has a database which holds 2500 names of foods, drinks, beauty items, household items and office products. Kinda funky!
Fun for the shoe fanatic in your life :D
I really love receiving funky serving dishes... Dishes I wouldn't normally buy myself that are different shapes and textures that you can find unique uses for.
I LOVE this for a new mama to be or a mother of a son!
I love this funky jewelry tree! Its a piece of art and will hold all of her shiny things!
Few things are more romantic than a new jewelry box with some bling waiting inside ;)
What woman doesn't like a spahhhhh day.... Besides my mom :p
Blinged out camcorder anyone?
I got a great daily organizer from James that I can add each calender year to each year from Staples and organize all of my appointments etc. Great gift!
Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift ideas for men...

Men are SO hard to buy for I find... Especially men like my younger brother who have EVERYTHING paired with extremely expensive taste... Here are a few ideas for the men in your life! Happy Shopping!

I saw this robe at Holt Renfrew and fell in love. The inside is t-shirt material and will set you back a cool $300. Any robe would be great as a gift though. I found a great one last year at The Bay for $40!
My hard-to-buy-for brother got this gear clock for Christmas last year and loves it. Functional and a piece of art. Click here to see it online!
One year for James I did a whole "games basement" in our last house. I got him a fuseball table, air hockey, dart board and made a little tool area for him! HE LOVED IT!!!! Costco has some GREAT deals on big ticket games like air hockey tables, fuseball, etc.
What man doesn't want to drink some beer and play some darts? I got this exact one for Costco for only $45! What a steal! I love the nice wooden cabinet look when it is closed up.
I think the best gift you can give someone is TIME! What about a weekend getaway to a cozy cabin in Banff or Canmore?
I love giving tickets to events because it gives us something to look forward to... It is sort of a gift for you too and once again: you are giving the gift of TIME! Country fan? Allan Jackson tickets go on sale December 11th! It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!!!
Calgary Stampede tickets are already on sale! Get some rodeo final tickets or tickets to the grandstand and chucks. Makes for a fun night out and the earlier you are- the better seats that you will get!
James and I go to A TON of concerts and love to save the ticket stubs as keepsakes. What a great idea this is! CHECK IT OUT
How cool are these?! I love when they mix tool things with men's wear. This website is wicked for this kind of stuff
OMG... How cute is this for the daddy in your life?!
Okay this is just too much fun....
Mechanic in your life? Dirty work? Look at this nail brush! James always has to have a nail brush on hand when he works in the field.
I'm sure James would LOVE this as a gift... A very polite dinner napkin ;)
For the handy man/woman in your life...
For all the iPhone lovers out there!
James LOVES his Leatherman.. He uses it each and everyday and is always bragging about it... They sell them at hardware stores and often Costco.
I bought James a Buck Knife one year and he LOVES it for camping and working in the yard. He feels all manly having the knife slung in the leather pouch on his hip.
For the grill master in your life.
Fun novelty for parties :p
Sports fan?
Did I mention James likes to camp??
Who loves to golf this much in your life?
Or THIS much?!

Okay I spent WAY too much $$$ doing this post.. Happy shopping!