Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goth with an attitude...

I seem to have a Gossip Girl theme here even though I have never watched the show... Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and now Taylor Momsen. Taylor Momsen is a 17 year old with a serious attitude... She rants about sex toys, how she's "over" having sex with men and how young girls should masturbate but she's only 17!!! Gossip Girl has been her big break but she was recently kicked off the show for a number of inappropriate rants and public flashings with her band "The Pretty Reckleess".. I cannot stand this little brat's gothic wardrobe and sexual rants.. See how she went from sweet, edgy blonde to gothic girl:
Here is Taylor in 2008. SMILING at the camera... She has always favored dark eyeliner as her signature. This is the most angelic I have EVER seen her look... Keep scrolling down...
Taylor is only 15 in this photo....
16 years old here...
Looking very much like Courtney Love on her Sweet 16 birthday
Fast forward to 2010 and it all goes downhill from here....
17 years old here...
Oh my. Here is Taylor at the MTV EMA's in November... This is as much of a smile as you will get out of her
Not a fan of the bag lady look. Her dog is dressed cuter!
How was this even allowed? A 17 year old on the cover of a magazine in lingerie with a hand gun and a rifle!?
What do you think?? Would you allow your teenager to be dressing/acting/talking like this!?


  1. Taylor is hot, I'd hit that hard!

  2. No self respect - nothing surprising about it! Some of her makeup looks good in my opinion, but how skanky can girls dress? No decent man would want that. That being said, plenty of @**&0!%# would want it, for a night or maybe two. Disgusting.


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