Wednesday, December 15, 2010


At Canadian Tire of all places on Saturday. My friend and co-worker gave me a heads up that they had a good deal at Canadian Tire and boy did they ever! $199!!! This thing holds SOOO much it would blow your mind. For our party on Saturday it contained 3 full cases of beer, 12 coolers, and over 12 bottles of wine. It says it has a "36 Bottle Capacity" but I bet that it would even hold more than that. I was so excited when I turned it on that it even lit up blue like I wanted! EEEEE! It somehow makes our kitchen feel a lot bigger too like we got another bank of cupboards or something?! Either way... I am a happy lil' duck :D
We had this counter set up as a bar on Saturday and the location for this fridge worked out well :)
The biggest problem with finding a fridge is that it was to wide and stuck out where the counter angled off... This guy was the perfect height and width... And price! hehe

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  1. Can't wait for to personally try out this bar fridge come NYE!!


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