Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two trends I'm rocking today

Happy Tuesday everyone! It sure is getting chillier out there... and with the colder air nylons, tights and leggings are making a comeback.. I am wearing a pair of knitted leggings I got from Winners for only $16.99 this weekend.
 They are so warm! I was looking for something that would allow me to still wear my fall skirts but be more durable than nylons which I seem to destroy in the first few wears.
The other trend I am wearing today is ankle boots! Ankle booties have made a huge comeback beginning last season and I scored these at The Bay for $30 last season. I buy a ton of my shoes there because they always have awesome sales on and tons of brands to choose from.. Not to mention I have to walk through the downtown Bay to get to other parts of downtown. Danger!

These boots are super comfortable.. they pull on and are faux suede which I like in certain situations such as trends or for winter wear so you don't pay more for them and they do not get ruined as easily.
Here are some more knitted leggings:
Leggings by Urban. I would worry about what shoes to wear with these ?
Layering leggings with warmers is really in right now
Cable knit leg warmers are all the rage in Europe right now
Here's London's Top Shop rocking the cable knit leggings
Fun "decorated" tights. Love the shine!
Here are some super trendy ankle boots for fall 2010. Great to pair with leggings or skinny jeans!
Not into sky-high heels? These would look great with skinny jeans for an edgy, rock look
These are Steve Madden ruched boots. Ruching is huge in boots this season!
Two trends in one: metallic and ruched ankle boot
BCBG for fall/winter 2010
I LOVE the layered flap on the top left boot... MAMA WANT!
Tuxedo-style shoes and booties are super popular right now
I really love these boots!!! I want gray booties!
Oh my... Leave it to Christian Louboutin to go nuts! Christian is famous for the red soled shoes worn by celebs
Fun fabrics from Top Shop. Wish we had one here!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Halloween Costume Came!!!

How do you feel about my wig?!?! ARGHHHH... This is why I HATE wearing wigs for Halloween.. They always look so damn good in the package.. Exhibit A:

THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.... HELP ME!!! Any tips for wig styling?!?!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shiny Mini Dresses- Grab the sunglasses!

I LOVE anything that sparkles... James often refers to me as a "parrot" because anything that gleams catches my eye... I love sequins and crystals and jewels.. So I am LOVING the shiny/metallic mini dress trend that is super popular right now.. As you will see with a dress that has this much shine you really don't need many accessories at all- let the dress do the shining.. Literally. Here are some examples:
I love the skirt part & mixed metallic colors
Here is Kim Kardashian at her 30th birthday celebration in Vegas
Have you SEEN this girl's booty? Aiyaaaaa..
Can't stand Lindsay Lohan but LOVE the hood on this dress.. I want it :D
Golden Goddesses
Stephanie Pratt in a jeweled one shoulder number
LOVE this one on Audrina Patridge!!!
These "Hills" girls really like the shiny!
I love the emerald jewel color and fierce shoes
Marissa Miller on David Letterman
Corinne Bailey Rae at the Grammy's
Heidi Klum hippy chic
Wouldn't this be a gorgeous New Year's gown? This is Rose McGowan
Who wore it best?! I like Alicia Key's shoes!
Victoria Beckham is always in the poshest garb... Her style is tres chic
Funky patterned sequins
Smile Olivia... Cranky beyotch... I'm not a fan of her but I like the belt pairing
Ke$ha keeping it unique!
Sparkle looks great with matte black or simple pairings
Taylor Swift is FAMOUS for her sequined dresses. They are her favorite!
Kim Kardashian tweeted this fierce dress joking, "do you think I will make it past airport security?" Or my more important question- be able to SIT?!
Rachel Lea from Glee. Such a tiny gal! LOVE THIS DRESS!
Taylor and her signature shine
Oh my almost a wardrobe malfunction
Yes folks- shoulder pads are back in!