Friday, November 26, 2010


You see something you just CANNOT pass up.. Something unique... Something ONE OF A KIND.. SOMETHING YOU MAY NEVER SEE AGAIN.. I was at a trade show today at lunch and met this incredible alpaca wool monkey that I fell head over heels for. I have no children, nieces, nephews or friends children but I loved it so much I could honestly see my children playing with it... I will put it in a special "hope chest" I have decided to create and here he is!!!! He is imported from a tiny village and he is a "fair trade" product. Fair trade is a market-based approach to help producers in developing countries. SEE?? Now I'm a philanthropist AND a pretty and smart individual.. BAHAHAHA
Here he is at the store... Lonely with no family to call his own.. And only at $39 for a fair trade imported alpaca handmade piece is pretty reasonable. HE IS SO SOFT!!! Unbelievably soft
And here he is in my office... He has been adopted and is very cited about this!
Sometimes..... You also find another piece that is just so darn cute and also made of alpaca wool and perfect for a gift!!! I found this chubby little prairie dog there as well! I LOVE HIM! I am going to gift him to James' cousin who just had a baby girl. They live on the coast and what better gift to receive from Prairie dwellers like ourselves?
Chubby gopher with a purse! I want to put something special inside her wittle purse tooooooo
"thank you for finding me a homeeee" :D ...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

White tights- two looks

In this freezing -30 weather there are little few pieces of clothing that will keep you warmer than tights... Or as James calls them.. Long underwear in disguise.. He always says "why are you wearing my long underwear?" Har har har Jammers!!! It is very difficult to be fashionable in this deep freeze but here are a few outfits I have paired with my new white cable knit leggings from Winners for $16.99:
I got this tunic top from Suzy Shier for $15? WOO! I am also sporting my new Emu's and my favorite feather headband
This is my "lumberjack" dress I got in Montreal in January.. I LOVE IT! The plaid overlay is actually see-through and there is a silk layer underneath. It is a really unique piece I found at a boutique and there was only one left.
I'm also rocking my new boots which I have had tons of compliments on today.. They are not the warmest but they ARE the cutest.. TEEEHEHE!
Stay warm peeps! MWAH!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leighton Meester ?!

I recently blogged about another "Gossip Girl" who's style I LOVE: Blake Lively. I think she is a picture of class and elegance.. Her cast mate Leighton Meester is an entirely different kind of trendsetter which I have mixed feelings on.. I tend to think she tries a little bit too hard to be "edgy" and it comes off tacky at times although her approach is unique- I will give her that... Here are some of her fashion choices:

See through number... No undies.
Ahhhh pretty girl but the lace romper ?? I dunno....
It appears she favors cutouts
She definitely has the body to rock this skin tight number
Wow! This is odd.... and unique I spose!
More cutouts
I am not a fan of this dress.
???. I like the lace pattern.. ??? That's all! haha
I don't like the color mismatch here
Not very flattering
I like this one!!! Super cute.
I really like these summery colors to match her tan
I adore these shoes and the hue of her dress.
I really like the cage platforms with this look
Classy chic.. Still not my fav but a bit better...
One of my favs! Love the princess sleeve and buttons
Yellow is so hot right now
Super cute Louis Vuitton dress and cherry red heels. Love this!
Looking like a Greek Goddess at the Emmy's
LOVE THIS! Edgy and chic. Super unique and funky.
What do you guys think??? It seems to depend on the day her style is very eclectic!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We saw THIS amazing tank dress in the window of BCBG yesterday and HAD to try it on
My co-worker Lisa at BCBG yesterday. WE LOVED this tutu tank dress. It was $202 though EEK. We eyed it in the front window display and *had to* play dress up. On the mannequins they paired tutus with short leather jackets and really high rocker heels. LOVE THIS LOOK!
I *adore* this tutu and the sequined top they paired with it... The top was only $400.. pffftttt.. But the tank IS all sequins- even the white part.
Love the girly/rocker contrast with the leather. HAWT!
Tutu-esque. I LOVE THIS DRESS! BCBG has the most beautiful dresses in my opinion. So classy and feminine
Look at all that TULLE! :D
I love lingerie tutu's SEXY
Gorgeous tutu dress from Alice + Olivia. I adore their style.
The puffier the better! And multicolored is the BEST!
So pretty when paired with ribbon and flowers
Gothic chic
Crinkly RaInBoW!
Jingle bells, jingle bells
This is called the "candy tutu".. Looks delicious!
"peacock green" Halloween tutu
Multi color ruffle tutu. Tutu's are very big in Europe in the club scene right now- especially London. I love they way they move when you dance and shake your groove thang.

Tartan tutu anyone ?
These are called "tutu cuffs" and more popular than you would think!
I hope I have a girl I hope I have a girl....