Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kim's getting marriedddd :D

Kim is having cherry blossoms as her flower. GORGEOUS!
Kim and I have been friends for about seven years and I was honored when she asked me recently to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding on July 30th, 2011. Kim is one of the sweetest girls I know. She always cares about what is going on in my life and is one of my favorite friends to party with. She also has an awesome blog which I follow: Check her out! Here are some memories from the old days up until today when she met her prince!
Back in the bar star days... From left to right me, Shannon and Kim
The infamous Sylvan Lake trip.. What a day/night!!!!!
Kim at one of our famous house parties.. This is the "Dippel reunion party" at my parents house
At our housewarming party in 2008
Mustache party 2010 :D
Foreplay Friday #1! September 2010
Here's Kim and the love of her life Ryan :D .. They met on the C-Train in December 2008 and are getting married on Ryan's parent's acreage.
Kim is going to make SUCH A beautiful bride!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the bridesmaid dress except ours is black. LOVE!
I love this dress!
Can't wait for your amazing day Kimby!!!! Going to be a-mazing!

Monday, January 24, 2011

FoRePLaY FrIdAy- Sexy Cowgirls!

Kylie and I <3
Once a month a group of us gals get together to do something outside of our box... Examples range from pole dancing classes to the shooting range to a wine tasting! This month my beautiful friend Kylie was chosen to "host" and come up with an adventure for us ladies... We took a two hour party bus ride and were dropped off at Ranchmans.. Oh man what an AMAZING night! SO MUCH FUN!
The whole gaggle of gals! 17 of us to be exact.. YEE HAW!
Here is my look for Friday night.. I got the necklace from Stella & Dot, earrings from Spring Shoes, dress from Pusch, hat from Below the Belt
Here are a few more sexy cowgirl looks I love... If you are a true Calgarian you probably have an entire arsenal of Cowgirl gear like I do in my closet... Since I dress Western for all 10 days of Stampede, including work, you start to build up quite a wardrobe!
I like this t-shirt because in looking for "sexy cowgirl" outfits I didn't find much class... There is a fine line between classy cowgirl and classless.
Can't go wrong with denim cutoffs, boots, plaid and a hat!
Cute eyelet corset top!
Only $42.99 ?! Woop!
Any dress can be "countryized" by adding a thick leather belt. Love all these accessories!
Taylor Swift has the best country style in my opinion- sassy and mixes sparkles with leather. LOVE IT!
Classy & effortless
Love the shine and the leather boots!
This sums up Taylor's look in one photo
Taylor's style has also been described as "romantic"... So true..
Carrie Underwood has such a sassy, sexy style. LOVE HER!
Who's your favorite cowgirl?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mitten envy....

I've lost one pair of mittens and one solo mitten in two days.. DAMN IT! I need the mitten strings and clothes pins so I won't lose them... I'm mourning the loss of them so I thought I would give myself some mitten eye candy... HuRuMpH...
Rainbow mittens! I LOVE RAINBOWS!
Love these hand knit mittens and colors.. Especially the first two!
Mork mittens by "knithappens" found on this cool site:
I adore the cable knit and color of these
Swiss wool mittens with leather pad
"Gloomy bear" mittens dripping with blood mwah ha ha ha
I wanna hold your handdddd.. I wanna hold your handdddd.
WARMTH! Sheepskin mitty's!
FunKy Norwegian mittens
I LoOoVe these! So girly!
These would be handy!
$400 cashmere gloves oh my!
Max Mara 2011... I love these paw lookin' cuties!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes best and worst!

Here are my favorite gowns from last night....
Those are some fierce shoes!!! Here is Olivia Wilde in a chocolate brown ball gown sparkler that this girl can't help but love. It reminds me of stars or something. Not sure if I agree with the shoe choice with THIS dress but she looks stunning.
Pastel pink and emerald green ruled the red carpet last night. I love this soft look on Scarlett Johansson
So sexy Ann Hathaway! I looove low back dresses. Long sleeves also was a common sight last night
This is my favorite gown. In the lights on stage is sparkled SO much and I love the wrapped ribbon look Megan Fox is rocking. I love the overlapping bodice. GORGEOUS!
January Jones is known for her unique sense of style and she smolders in this Versace runway piece that she asked them to make her in red. Let's hope all those tassels stayed in place! Or not!
Lea Michele from Glee looked so feminine in this Oscar De La Renta gown. I like the one sleeve and turquoise  ring she paired with the gown.
Christina Hendricks from Mad Men is known for her extremely large chest and I thought she did a classy job of downplaying it on this red carpet. I think she looks extremely sexy and classy at the same time.
Take that Tony Parker! VA VA VOOM! Her back also had a sexy cutout. Super hot!
This is Julie Bowen... Who I am sure is someone famous but I don't know where she is from or what she did.. I really like the dress though. I love the unique color and organza flowers.
HOT MAMA! I'm not normally a fan of pink and red together but with the red accessories and shiny rose Natalie Portman looks absolutely STUNNING!
Natalie's co-star in Black Swan, Mila Kunis also looks ravishing in emerald. I think Mila is gorgeous.
Here are my least favorite ensembles:
Here's Hayden Panettiere's after party look and the pasties are pretty obvio :S
I've never been a fan of the short-in-front-long-in-back look but with this pattern and her dyed locks I just think Khloe Kardashian looks cheap at the after party.
Emma Stone took the popular "minimalist" approach with this peach Calvin Klein number but to me it is too plain for an awards show and is a bit too boring for me.. Kind of looks like a t-shirt dress with a train...
I just think Heidi Klum could have done better.. I don't agree with the colors for this season and although the neck is funky it's not my fav.
EEK! I hate the mismatched Christmas colored shoes and the entire ensemble on Helena Bonham Carter