Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bling Bling!

Hope you all had a great weekend! On Sunday I had a Pampered Bride show and the location was NOT AT ALL what I expected... I arrived in the early afternoon to a beautiful 50 acre plot in Dewinton, AB just outside of Calgary and was shocked and amazed to see a 1880's style TOWN that was only built 3 years ago and SO unbelievably well built and rustic it took my breath away.
Here is my view when I first drove up... The building on the right is a large barn area they are renovating. They have only owned the property since October... So gorgeous!
To the left they had a bulldozer clearing the driveway... and get this.. VALET?! Unbelievable. This is the part where I did my show and when you open the main door it is set up like an 1880's post office! SO NEAT!
Once through the door this is the "hall way" of the main floor... Yep... Pretty insane.. They have a collection of 45 cars and these were just to name a few.
The detail in everything from the floors to the stereo system to these handcrafted fences blew my mind... WOW....
Here is touring around the main building. Bad photo but you can see the quality of the work
This is the top floor of the main building where I did my Pampered Chef show... To the right is a huge dance floor complete with lighting and a state-of-the-art stereo. I loved the wood burning fire place and the kitchen behind me was a-mazing. Wish I got my photos!
All of those photos don't even come close to doing this property justice but I thought I would share them with you! It was a really incredible experience to just be there :)

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  1. WHOA so they just had cars inside their house?
    Impossible!! Gorgeous.


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