Monday, January 3, 2011

BoXiNg DaY!

I LOVE Boxing Day shopping... I love waking up at the crack of dawn and seeing what deals I can find.. I know that you can pretty much do all of your boxing day shopping online these days but I love the rush of the adventure... The shoving people out of the way... The grabbing of the LAST special on the shelf... The adrenaline of the bags in your hands and using your dad/brother/husband as a mule for your purchases... This year James actually came with me ?! I was THRILLED! We got up at around 7 am and headed to Deerfoot Meadows in Calgary and first hit the Best Buy and here is what we got!:
I have two monitors at work so having just one at home seems like a handicap. Our second monitor died recently so we got this Acer one for $79 on Boxing Day!!! It is NOT as high quality as our awesome HD LG one though unfortunately :( .. Good for the price though!
James LOVES speakers, music and anything to do with sound. We got this surround sound speaker system for $50 for our computer.
I got these shoes for $35 on Boxing Day at ALDO. WOO! What a steal! They are super comfy too!
I got these AWESOME skinny jeans from GAP for $35 and a pair of bootlegs for $35 as well!
I got these skinny gray jeans at GAP for $14!
Michaels Craft Store actually had a great sale on and we happened to stumble upon it while at Deerfoot Meadows. Your entire purchase was 20% off with tons of half priced items in the store... This is why I love Boxing Day! I got this great scrapbook storage container for $15 - regular $40!
Here is my girlfriend Brandy and I at the New Years party we hosted! What a FUN NIGHT! I got this cute silk top from Tristan and America on sale for $45 from $90. I thought it was a perfect New Year's top!

I paired my new top with a sequined mini I had from Jacob from before. Here are some of the pretty gals of the party!! Courtney, Kim, me and Rachel. <3 you gals!!!!
I got this comfy top from Banana Republic for $26 on sale from $80. I have washed it a few times and the sequins have stayed put!
I got two of these "timeless tanks" from Banana.. One in white and one in black for $10 each. SUCH A STEAL! These tanks are such good quality and really keep their shape :)
I am SO impressed with James' patience! By about noon he was done but not too shabby for shopping with the nAzI... Considering we started at 7 am!!! I have to say though... The sales were probably the worst I have seen in YEARS! Most stores such as Banana, GAP, Tristan had 50% off the ENTIRE store including sale stuff... This year was 50% off the regular price and just the sale sticker price.. We were a bit disappointed but still had a really fun day!

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