Monday, January 24, 2011

FoRePLaY FrIdAy- Sexy Cowgirls!

Kylie and I <3
Once a month a group of us gals get together to do something outside of our box... Examples range from pole dancing classes to the shooting range to a wine tasting! This month my beautiful friend Kylie was chosen to "host" and come up with an adventure for us ladies... We took a two hour party bus ride and were dropped off at Ranchmans.. Oh man what an AMAZING night! SO MUCH FUN!
The whole gaggle of gals! 17 of us to be exact.. YEE HAW!
Here is my look for Friday night.. I got the necklace from Stella & Dot, earrings from Spring Shoes, dress from Pusch, hat from Below the Belt
Here are a few more sexy cowgirl looks I love... If you are a true Calgarian you probably have an entire arsenal of Cowgirl gear like I do in my closet... Since I dress Western for all 10 days of Stampede, including work, you start to build up quite a wardrobe!
I like this t-shirt because in looking for "sexy cowgirl" outfits I didn't find much class... There is a fine line between classy cowgirl and classless.
Can't go wrong with denim cutoffs, boots, plaid and a hat!
Cute eyelet corset top!
Only $42.99 ?! Woop!
Any dress can be "countryized" by adding a thick leather belt. Love all these accessories!
Taylor Swift has the best country style in my opinion- sassy and mixes sparkles with leather. LOVE IT!
Classy & effortless
Love the shine and the leather boots!
This sums up Taylor's look in one photo
Taylor's style has also been described as "romantic"... So true..
Carrie Underwood has such a sassy, sexy style. LOVE HER!
Who's your favorite cowgirl?

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