Monday, January 3, 2011


Was Santa good to you?! How was your holiday break? I am not going to lie.... I am mourning the end of my staycation.. James and I had an a-mazing break consisting of TONS of rest and relaxation. Here is some of the stuff I got for Christmas!
On Christmas Eve James and I always exchange one small gift... I guess you could say that this is a gift to him that he bought for me.. HAHA. James LOVES gardening and the whole "survival" thing.. He has an emergency kit in our basement containing candles, water, food, etc so this book was right up his alley.. Merry Christmas to HIM! :p It is actually a really beautiful book with tons of commonsense applications and photos.. I'm sure we will use the gardening portion a lot in the spring!
This photo is from my birthday but I got two more of these AWESOME fleece nighties from James for my birthday. They are so soft and have a hood, front pocket and pom poms in super cute colors.. I HATE pants so this is perfect for me!
James got me an exercise ball for Christmas..... Note to all men out there: unless she asks for it.. Not the best gift.. BAHAHA.. I was like, "Christmas + exercise??".. He mentioned he also wanted an exercise ball for a long time.. PFFT.. It is the same as this one and we are actually using it as a computer chair so far.... We are both getting back into the working out regime so I'm sure this will get some use!
Clearly James didn't read my "what to buy for women blog post".. He got me a CLEANSE... ON CHRISTMAS! But.. We are going to give it a try starting tomorrow or so... I bought him a cleanse in the summer which he ended up quitting so we'll see how this goes... MEN: once again... Cleanse/exercise equipment.. Not the best idea..
Last year for Christmas James got me the book "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy and I LOVED it!!! Cormac is famous for writing "No Country For Old Men", "The Road", "All The Pretty Horses". I love his writing technique- no fluff and very to the point. I have started this book and so far, so good!
YAYYY! A La Senza gift card. I needed underwear SO badly... James said he tried to get me some but gave up & felt flustered in the ladies store... HEHE. I went on boxing day and bought tons of panties! WOO!
My parents got us new walk-around phones.. YAY! We really needed them.. We were down to one for the whole house.
My mom got both my brother and I this AWESOME tree! How cute is this?! I love the funky balls you hang on the little hooks. Such a contemporary Christmas decoration. We got the smaller tree and it looks awesome!
We got this great digital photo frame from my brother and his girlfriend Bev... It looks awesome! Now I just need to make sure my memory card doesn't have any risque photos on it ;)
My best guy friend got me this super comfy PJ pants from Garage clothing... Love them!
He also got me this AWESOME hoodie which I absolutely adore.. I'm going to have to go and get a few more because it fits like a glove and I love the "pop up" neck as they call it. This is also from Garage.
All in all I got pretty darn spoiled this year... The best gift for me was spending a ton of time with my husband James because we don't get enough time off to just RELAX! What an amazing break!!!

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  1. Hey! If you ever want to sell that Garage grey funnel neck pop up hoodie. Please let me know. I'd pay whatever you'd want for it!


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