Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mitten envy....

I've lost one pair of mittens and one solo mitten in two days.. DAMN IT! I need the mitten strings and clothes pins so I won't lose them... I'm mourning the loss of them so I thought I would give myself some mitten eye candy... HuRuMpH...
Rainbow mittens! I LOVE RAINBOWS!
Love these hand knit mittens and colors.. Especially the first two!
Mork mittens by "knithappens" found on this cool site:
I adore the cable knit and color of these
Swiss wool mittens with leather pad
"Gloomy bear" mittens dripping with blood mwah ha ha ha
I wanna hold your handdddd.. I wanna hold your handdddd.
WARMTH! Sheepskin mitty's!
FunKy Norwegian mittens
I LoOoVe these! So girly!
These would be handy!
$400 cashmere gloves oh my!
Max Mara 2011... I love these paw lookin' cuties!

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