Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Chic

BAHAHA okay that is the biggest oxymoron as a Canadian.. Winter chic?! PFFT! We all look like Eskimo's! It is currently -25 degrees in Calgary with a windchill making it feel like -32 degrees... How is it possible to look fashionable in this weather? It's not... But let's see how the runway imagines life in the deep freeze looks like....
We would probably get frost bite in these get ups today but I love the white fur coat worn by Kate Moss
I generally find that I am warmer if I wear tights or tights under my dress pants than loose fitting dress pants on their own.
Love this classy coat worn with and without the fur collar.
These hats are both warm and super cute! I love mine!
Big, patterned scarves are so classy and can be worn with a t-shirt or a fur jacket and still look chic
How cute is this scarf/hat?!
I love the look of super puffy, big, warm fur (or faux!) coats with tights and high boots. So chic!
Feather earrings are huge for winter 2011
Baggy belted cardigans, sweaters and coasts paired with leggings or skinny's look tres fab
I love everything in this shot!!! Especially the funky headband and ivory boots! EEEE!
How do you feel about Kylie's winter turban?
I adore the shape of this jacket.... Must be into fur today!
Oh my. These are L.A.M.B.'s "Pier Booties". I could see me traipsing in these... For a block! BAHAHA
A girl in my building manages to pull this look off. I think it's so funky with the right outfit
Looks like pink puked all over Paris in this one...
Matching winter ensemble with your spouse? Look at those Dior boots!

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