Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Dressed at the Oscars!

I watched the Oscars with James last night and I have to say that they were quite the snorefest compared to the Grammy's... Much less excitement aka. Lady Gaga arriving in an EGG... and although I did enjoy Anne Hathaway's numerous costume changes, James Franco and Anne Hathaway were awkward at times and not that funny. There are so many hilarious comedians out there who could have killed it... Tina Fey? Jimmy Fallon? ANYONE FUNNY and ENTERTAINING?! Whatever happened to the golden years of Billy Crystal or Steve Martin? Either way... I DO love the fashion! Here are some of my favorites:
PERFECTION! I absolutely adored Gwenyth's sleek silver Calvin Klein number with straight locks and the funky broach on her left. I also appreciated her candid answer on the red carpet claiming she hasn't slept for a week leading up to the Academy Awards. Too many stars try to play it "too cool" sometimes and she brought humility to the show last night.
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! My favorite look of the night. I LOVE her high pony tail, emerald jewels and classy choice of dress. Perfection!!! I am so doing my hair like this... If I can figure out how ;)
Do they have one in Andies size!!?! Feathers are so in right now... Leave it to Hilary Swank to rock it with those toned shoulders. Love how the dress fades into grey/black at the bottom.
Love this soft confection... Blush looks great on Halle and I love the taffeta bottom and ruffly top.
Va Va VOOM! How amazing does Jennifer Hudson look?! I love this bright color on her but her slightly lighter boobs do kind of stand out in this dress... Can't really say anything about it though.. LOVE her hair and accessories too!
I'm so torn on this dress... I love Amy Adams, sparkly things, this is my favorite color blue and her hair looks great. Maybe it is the emerald jewelry throwing me off? I would have just done chunky diamonds I think...
*YAWN* ... I just find this so BORING... Boring color, conservation shape, hair, jewelry etc... Meh!
I loved ALL of Anne's dresses during the ceremony... Most of them were by Valentino like this one. Super hot!
Classy... But kinda boring too. I would have put a ice encrusted necklace with it.
The back is definitely my favorite part of this dress... The mulberry color doesn't do the Oscars justice. Had it been bright red or blue I think it would have been a real hit.
I just adore Natalie Portman... She looks like a pregnant Goddess and I thought her acceptance speech for best actress was so heartfelt. You go girl!
Mila Kunis can do no wrong in my eyes. This lavender dress is super unique, sexy and elegant at the same time. I love the way the fabric is draped and the bra-like detail. She looks great in this color and I thought she rocked it.
Eek.... Nicole Kidman looks like a folded napkin. Who wants to ADD volume to their hips? I do love the a-mazing Henry Winston choker and pop of color in the shoes though.
New comer Jennifer Lawrence played it safe and rocked it... Super sexy and classy.
Hailee Steinfeld from "True Grit" designed this beautiful, age appropriate gown and I think she did great! I love the sheer bodice and beading. So girly and cute!
LOVE THIS DRESS! It's a work of art by Givenchy... So unique!

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