Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girl Crush- Kate Middleton!

The royal nuptials seem to be dominating celeb sites and news stations around the globe and I can't help but get wrapped up in the hype since we will be in Europe the date of the wedding! Flights to England have sky rocketed for the month of April so we are avoiding Britain altogether and sticking to Prague, Germany, Amsterdam, Paris and Italy. I was too young to remember Princess Diana and Charles' wedding but I can't believe they even have royal dinner sets are nearly sold out and they haven't even walked down the aisle:
Considering Kate majored in fashion she truly does have a classy and unique style that airs confidence and maturity. Middleton has become somewhat of a fashion icon and her style has been copied around the world. For someone who will be scrutinized by the media and alike for the rest of her life I don't think she has ever had a true fashion faux pas. Here are some of my favorite looks:
She has such a slim, girlish figure- this dress looks great.
Love this dress. She looks fab in navy
I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! So classy and I love the color blue on her.. She is infamous for her funky hats.
Love the riding boots with peek-a-boo top and the big brown belt.
Sultry yet super classy. Love how she always leaves her brown locks flowing.
Kate is never overdone, never carrying crazy expensive handbags and always seems well groomed, elegant and simple.
How amazing is this blue coat?!?! #idie
I had to throw this one in here since we have tight and bright bowling coming up ;) Here's Kate dressed up for a tight and bright party.. Still looking classy!
Kate looks great in these feathered toppers.
Casually chic
Kate in 2005
I *adore* this dress!!!! So simple yet stunning.
Kate seems to rock a lot of blazers which looks so professional and structured.
Wow. Britain's new fashion icon is right.


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