Friday, February 11, 2011

My Feet were KILLING ME... I *HAD* to shop! ;)

I had an EXTREMELY busy day today running from one office to another in these shoes that I purchased on Boxing Day:
They look pretty.. But OH MAN my feet are in agony even sitting here typing this in slippers...
 My feet hurt so badly that I was walking around the +15's in downtown Calgary in BARE FEET... And getting a ton of weird looks I might add.... And risking getting various diseases from who knows what is on the tile/carpets I was traipsing on... So I *HAD* to stop in Payless and purchase some flats and look what I found!!! $12 !!! I don't even have tartan flats... How exciting :D 
MAMA WIKE! They are American Eagle and were regular $38.99... SCORE! Right now is BOGO at Payless FYI...

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  1. I haven't been in to Payless in a while. I have some super cute AE shoes I got there. I love these!


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