Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unusual Spring 2011 Men's Fashion Trends...

While searching for hot 2011 couture I found some very unusual "male" fashion for 2011... It looks quite feminine to say the least!!! Tight, cropped, showy and shiny... Sounds like a woman's wardrobe! What do you think?! My husband would not be CAUGHT DEAD in any of these trends....
Your not going to believe it... But one of the hottest trends for men in 2011 is going to be crop tops?! I'm hoping only the toned men sport this trend... Can you imagine!?
Okay maybe it's not so hard on the eyes ;) ... These looks are from Calvin Klein
Men's statement jewelry and chunky chains and pendants are all over the runway.
Bright, feminine colors and chunky pendants were big and bold from Etro, Versace and Vivienne Westwood.
I'm not even kidding you.. The monokini for men... Emporio Armani Spring 2011 featured a line of monkinis.
Sorry guys- I think us ladies still rock the monokini!
Meggings... Yep- man leggings... From Emporior Armani, Spring 2011.
Men & lace?! Hmmmm... This stud seems to rock it in my opinion. Sheer tops and lace were rampant during Etro Spring 2011 fashion show in Milan.
I'm still having a hard time digesting these floral short shorts in pastel pink.... He does seem to rock this though!
Lardini 2011- layering different colors and textures.
Louise Vuitton Spring 2011 - earth tones and snake skin
More Louise Vuitton Spring 2011. Notice the murse and belted silk frock.
Louise Vuitton sequined blazer Spring 2011
Louise Vuitton Spring 2011 turquoise blazer
Fall 2011 Burberry. Orange is all the rage for 2011. Looks very fem to me though
COLOR!!! This is Jill Sander Fall 2011... EEK....
This dude even looks like a chick... This is a runway in Paris for Fall 2011
Prada Fall 2011. I would wear this sweater!
Yep. It's a dude. This is Marc by Marc Jacobs for 2011. I've been doing more research about this and it's apparently all about being "elegant and chic" and having the confidence to rock it.. Hmmm... In Alberta you might just get beat up..
Etro for men. Purple suede shoes, fitted pants (almost meggings) and chunky necklace!
EEEEK... Pink gingham ?!?!?!?! This is Loewe Spring/Summer 2011
More sparkle from Dolce & Gabbana


  1. EEEP! Mama like the bulge in that second photo, 3rd one looks like a meth addict!!!!!!!

  2. I am kind of digging the Etro one! I told Aman that if he wears anything sheer that I will a)point and laugh, or b) leave. OR BOTH. You should see some of the crazy things men wear over here, and they really do rock them!

  3. If your man was a real man he could pull off any outfit...feminine styled or not. Your crude comments are not becoming, dear. You obviously know nothing about fashion, however, you certainly are in tune with profiling and negativity.


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