Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I *HATE* Ironing

This is me....
If this is you... I don't think we can be friends... My one girlfriend irons EVERYTHING... I'm talking PANTIES.. Cotton t-shirts...
I loathe ironing... I would rather show up looking like a wrinkly rag-a-muffin that's shirt has taken a quick tumble in the dryer than iron a dress shirt. Today I wore an outfit that required both pieces to be ironed ... My husband irons MUCH more than I do... I've own a steamer... upgraded to a brand new iron and many other humorous techniques such as rubbing clothes against my body to let my body dewrinkle them or squishing them beneath heavy objects.. Yep... Anything but busting out that GoDdAmN it... Have you guys every tried this Downy Wrinkle Release?! Does it work ??? I'm skeptical but might have to try it out:
Better use for an ironing board Exhibit A
Do you know that there is a SPORT for extreme ironing? Here's the site
This looks safe.
As does this
Okay this is pretty entertaining actually...
Yep... he's sky diving... WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ?

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  1. HAHA! Where do you come up with these ideas?!?!
    I love this post.
    I HATE ironing too, my work wardrobe consists soley of clothes that DON"T have to be ironed.
    p.s. WHO do you know that irons everything??


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