Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I would live in Vancouver just to wear rain boots...

And for the amazing food and culture of course! It was "supposed" to rain in Calgary today which was pretty exciting... The smell of rain.. sure sign of spring... But nope! Another dump of the fluffy stuff. I always want to purchase a swanky pair of rain boots each spring but can't justify them in Calgary  when we are normally trudging around in Uggs or winter boots for the majority of the season... But a girl can dream/even justify them right ?! Here are some of my favs:
Andies loves her rainbows.. And even has a matching pair of runners to match these colorful Coach booties!
LOVE LOVE LOVE ... SO classy and you could wear these with ANYTHING!
Who doesn't love Marc?
Girly Ed Hardy dandy's
LOVE THESE!!! Tory Burch rain boots... $180
So Juicy. Love the buckles... I would go for the pink por favor
Rubber duckyyyyyyyy
Love them alllll :D
SO CUTE! Little heel tooooo
Ohhh I LOVE these Ed Hardy's.. Super unique color too
Burberry... Loving these!
Chooka rain boots.. Love the buckle and white toe
So much FUN!!!
Coach!!! LOVE THE BLUE POLKA DOT ONES! And red fur lined ones as well...
These are Nine West's "Yogini" boot... I'm liking these! Funky!
Wedge rain boot by Michael Kors
Chooka Geisha Rain Boot
HUNTER Rain Boots seem to be what all the stars are raving about... Hunter boots come with fleece inserts in various fun colors for only $30! Okay I might have to invest....
Here's a pair that Jimmy Choo designed for HUNTER called "Huntress" sold for $115

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