Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lindsay's Getting Marriedddd!

I met Lindsay about a year after we moved to Auburn Bay in Calgary and have been GREAT friends since we hit it off over some vino one night- not just any vino- Ernest Gallo white zinfandel to be exact! It's our FAVORITE and we always traipse from door to door with a bottle in hand:
EXHIBIT A! Two handed Gallo pour!
Lindsay is getting married on June 4th this year and I am SO honored to be her bridesmaid!!! I am one of four and we are super excited for her wedding which is going to be at the Calgary Zoo... 
Bridal Party! Cara, Carrie, Lindsay and I... Just missing the maid of honor!
This is an awful photo and doesn't do the dress justice.. We ended up getting them at Dynamite of all places??! $29.99 regular price and we all LOVE these dresses! They can be strapless or not and have POCKETS! They also have a very faint snakeskin pattern and are going to look awesome.
How cute are these shose?! These are the shoes we are going to get from Spring.. Only $49.99 and shipping is FREE! Super pumped about these "fluffy" satin numbers :D
Their colors are hot pink and black!!! HAWT
Your going to make such a beautiful bride!!!!!

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  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIEEE!!! *Fuzzyyyy* Im so honored that you are going to be there with me on our special day!! Love youuuu


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