Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a STEAL!

I was on my way to run an errand this morning and I just thought I would pop into Purr in the +15's by The Bay... Oh MAN did they have a lot of discounted stuff!!! I spotted this blue and black plaid dress that I almost bought in November for the regular price of $88.. But I ended up getting this for $24.99 ?!?! What a STEAL!
Love the pockets and lace detail at the bottom. Fits like a glove too!
From a distance... Really fits nice :D
Here it is in black online... Love the structure
OWIEEEE! Look at the frost bite I got this morning from trying to get into my building. I work in an office building that is over a hundred years old and the lock sticks a lot... This was from gripping the metal door and trying to turn the lock... I have never had frostbite so painful!!! Feels like a put my hand on the oven... I NEED MITTENS!

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  1. That dress fits your perfectly and you look gorgeous, doll! 24.99?!?!? Impossible!


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