Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was Soooo sick of all of the clothes in my backpack by the end of the trip... None of the shoes went together... I was tired of all of my clothes and DYING for a new wardrobe... Hard when you are backpacking but I still managed to pick up some new finds ;)
Hello loves!!! I have MISSED writing to you and informing you of all of my new and exciting purchases from abroad... My husband is not the best shopper.. Okay in fact he is impatient and gets grouchy and is NOT fun to shop with! He thinks I have enough of everything and don't *need* anything new which MAY be true but if you see something SHINY and unforgettable in a destination far away- You must invest! And we all know us women constantly need to update and keep up with the times. I LOVE shopping while I am traveling because I pick up unique finds that can't be bought at home. My shopping experiences needed to be quick, clever and brief or else the BEAR would be unleashed. 
I had a goal to buy a pair of shoes a country and I achieved this... YAY! I didn't end up purchasing TOO many outfits unfortunately as shoes were easier to throw on, purchase and catch up with Old Man River ;) hehehe.. Here are a few of my new purchases and more posts to come!!! 
Here I am in Prague at the farewell dinner in a palace. What an amazing night! I got this cardigan at this gorgeous boutique across from our hotel called "Mimi's".. It is by a Czech designer and I got it for around $60. Not the cheapest but I LOVE it! One of a kind piece ;) ... The little birdies go with so much
Front view!
I saw this hanging in a market in Amsterdam and LOVED it! I love the color and femininity of it. I paired it with black leggings and a camisole for work but could also use it as a bathing suit cover up.
It's hard to see but around the next here is a fine mesh detail. :D
These are probably the highest shoes I have ever owned towering at around 6" but they are super comfortable thanks to the wedge and they were only $10 CAD in Amsterdam at a market!!!!
Those them big spikeys!
Eek! Time for a pedicure ;)
I got this crucifix necklace in the same market for only $4! 
I'm really in a gray phase right now.. Matches EVERYTHING! These cute little flats were only $10 from Amsterdam and I have been wearing them a lot so far. Great for work and play.
Shiny thingsss!
Don't worry- there's a lot more where that came from... Stay tunedddd :D

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  1. OMG Andies I seriously love all these clothes; I would've picked the exact same things! That camisole w the leggings is gorgeous! And the super high heels are to die for. You done good kiddo!


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