Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lilac Fest Jewelry Bargains!

After a boozey brunch at Melrose on 17th Avenue a gaggle of us gals headed to the Lilac Fest on Sunday afternoon and wow.. What a BEAUTIFUL day! We all got a glorious sunburn and had some brewskis on a patio as well. As soon as we walked in we had spent the cash that we had taken out. There were some really great jewelry finds and other accessories. Check out Laura's new purple headband above and Kylie's new fedora! We were all laughing that we walked in unaccessorized and by the time we left we all had new duds. Here is what I purchased and my brunch!
Mmmm Nutella crepes with bananas on the patio... And a mimosa of course!
I got this beautiful shell hair stick for only $7! I love twirling my hair up with a pen so this will be much prettier.
Me with the hair stick in :)
I've wanted a long antique-looking clock for a long time... I had scoped one out at Purr for $65 but this was only $20! WOO HOO! Actually $25 each and two for $40 so my girlfriend got one too.
Close up! I love the look of it.
ARGH I'm so annoyed with  these wood/coconut shell earrings.. They are IMPOSSIBLE to get through my ears and one of the pegs broke. I had a bad feeling about them.. I got three pairs for $20.. ANY ADVICE ON COCONUT SHELL EARRINGS? You have to line up your earring holes and the two holes in the earrings perfectly.
Here is the other pair... Did I mention the pegs are a lot bigger than my holes so they are painful? Damn it I like these too...
What a score! Got this gorgeous glass ring that really sparkles for only $5!!! All of us bought one pretty much! It matched my dress above perfectly too.

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