Monday, May 9, 2011

More Euro Purchases!

I finally took some more photos of what I purchased while abroad... What do you think ?! NEW SHINY'S YAY!
I got this cute wooden necklace at a market in Amsterdam for only $5! Love it :)
Shiny gladiator sandals from Paris!!! These were only around $27 Canadian :D
I packed thong sandals to walk around in and I was literally the ONLY person I saw wearing them.. Felt so out of style there! EVERY CHICK had gladiator sandals so I was happy to find these shiny onesss!
My feet were freezing in Berlin one night so I *had* to purchase these cute black ballet flats. They were around $10 and I wore them a ton throughout the trip so definitely worth it!
Like my new RAT SHOES ?! TEEHEHE! I got these in Prague, Czech and these are from a Brazilian designer.. They are actually plastic but look like satin. SO COMFORTABLE and UNIQUE! I love having random pieces like this in my closet.
I paired these with a little black dress and had people stopping me on the street to take photos! Love them!!! They were around $45 Canadian so not super cheap but super unique!
This piece of art is one of my favorite finds! I got TWO of these on Charles Bridge in Prague... Clocks are a big reference to my mother as she used to take them apart as a child so she has some jewelry made of clock parts etc so when I saw this I knew I needed one for each of us! I LOVE IT! So unique... It is a shadow box with all of the clock parts displayed inside :D
Here is me on the weekend at a party we had on Saturday with my purdy girlfriend Courtney! I got this romper in Paris for around $45 and got tons of compliments on it.. So comfy!
Fuzzy photo but a close up of the bow in the front !!!

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