Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Trend- Nautical !

Coco Chanel made the nautical look famous in the 1920's and it is back again for spring 2011.. Everywhere from Joe Fresh to the runway features nautical stripes, anchors and boat shoes. Here are some of my fav looks:
I want this skirt! Love the shoes and these are all of my  FAVS!
Espadrilles and weaved wedges are everywhere for summer :)
LOVE THIS DRESS! I love buttons and this is super cute.
These would match with everything :D ... I have a thing for white bottoms.. Before Labor Day of course ;)
Nautical fedora.. SO CUTE!
Run way sailors.. So cute!
Loving this funky pink dress
LOVE this Chanel cuff :D so cute...
Cuteeee with the right simple outfit.. I'm thinking white pants/skirt and lots of leg. I really like the nautical bow
This is two trends for spring: nautical and wide leg pants
Funky Stella McCartney's
My nautical outfit this weekend at Lindsay's stagette
Nautical bikini house boating!

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  1. LOVED your outfit at Lind's Andies. You looked gorgeous!


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