Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feather Extensions

I ADORE the way that feather extensions look... Unfortunately the fad has led to the slaughter of SO many roosters and farmers cannot keep up with the demand. The feathers, which are from the bird's backside and the most popular for hair, are usually used to produce fly tying feathers for fishermen and the price has skyrocketed since the craze began. The supply is unable to keep up with the demand with some sites even selling feather extensions for DOGS?! How excessive is that? 
According to an article on Bloomberg Businessweek, “A package of the most popular fly tying hackle for hair extensions, a black and white striped feather called grizzly saddle, would normally retail anywhere from $40 to $60. It sold for $480 on eBay last month after 31 bids.” At the most, these feather hair extensions can be worn for three months. Naturally, this price inflation has become a major annoyance to fly fishermen, but whether for bait or coiffure accessorizing, to take the lives of sentient beings for such fleeting and trivial purposes is troubling in itself... Although I think this trend is gorgeous I won't support the fad at the cost of animal's lives. Here are some celebs that have really started this trend:
Miley is rocking a few feathers here
Not gonna lie.. LOVE the rainbow feathers...
Like this look on her though. Too bad they can't make faux feathers somehow!
Totally suit the rocker look
Love this look! So unique
Bieber's main squeeze Selena Gomez
What do you think of this trend?

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  1. Wow i LOVE these!! i probably like Selina's the best. not so sure however about the last pic...<3


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