Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden Decor

I am in LOVE with our backyard this year.. We have finally completed all of the big projects such as the fence, planting six beautiful trees, a stamped concrete pad and numerous garden boxes... Now I think it is time to DECORATE! I love how the cheesiest things can be cute for the garden.. I love frogs and they are very acceptable garden decor. I would also like some romantic touches like hanging candles or something along those lines... Here are some of my favorite finds so far... :)
From Pinterest.. where else ? DIY!
I know I've posted these before but so easy and unique!
So romantic
How bout this right smack dab in the middle of our backyard?! BAHA!
I love Buddah figurines... Bring some Zen to my garden... Need a few statues at least ;)
Window gardens are so adorable!
Oh man wish I had the space/money for this!!!
love how it's part of the landscape
Great way to reuse some coffee cans and have a hanging veggie garden!
AwWw cute!
LOVE THIS! I love the rustic look for gardens and Christmas decorations :)
Gorg with some trailing plants
Unexpected and beautiful
Cute. I always joke that the flowers grow better when I sing to them ;)
Rustic chic
Funky bird feeder!
Reduce, reuse, recycle ;)
The garden egg is an essential.. OBVIO... PFFT! Weird!!!!
I WANT THIS!!! I ADORE Dali's melting clock painting and this looks just like one of the clocks in the painting! I have the painting hanging in our office :)
(this painting.. I love it but James can't stand it.. I think it represents the passing of time and how time goes so fast it appears to be melting)
OMG! Think I *NEED* this! Looks so peaceful.
So romantical :)
DIY ! Paint soup cans and punch out a pattern.
Simply beautiful
*LOVE!* I often complain that tealights and votives have to be replaced far too often- these pillar candles would be a lot more effective.
simple and beautiful
Okay I'm obsessed with these candle lanterns now...
Hope you are feeling inspired for your own garden! I know I want to spend some time in mine this weekend!


  1. Oh wow, I absolutely love these. I am now on the hunt for an old, rusty bike! Must have. And the combi van is so awesome! I wish I could have that in my garden but my family would disown me haha.

  2. i love all the garden decor you posted adorable, creative and unique. I wish I could have done such a cute decor for my garden....still planning on it.

  3. I just love your ideas. I took away my hedging now I am left with a bare wall. I love the bra. Is it an ordinary bra or did you do something to it so it would last. Thanks a lot


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