Thursday, June 16, 2011

I found a WHITE DRESS!

I was on the hunt for a white dress for a white party I was attending last Friday... I tried on NUMEROUS options and scoured the stores for days looking for a hot little number.. I was nearly dead set on an $80 dress but ended up finding this STEAL of a deal at Fairweather of all places for $10!!! Here are some highlights from the night and of course- the hot white DRESS! TEEHEHE!
Full length with my girlfriend Court.
Man I have beautiful friends! Closer shot.. It fit super well and I couldn't believe I got one for $10!!! I like the scoop neck ;)
Taking over the patio at 1410. WHITE HAWT! hehehe
Had to show off the shoes! I got these red and white checked platforms from Le Chateau years ago with a group of ladies and we all paired them with black dresses in Mexico. I haven't worn them since but thought they would be cute with red lipstick!
Love my girlies.. Not sure what I would do without them! Love how Courtney accented her white outfit with funky turquoise jewelry we got together at the Lilac Fest.. She's such a BABE!
Take it from me though... Don't step on a hot coal form the fire.. OWWW! Today is the first day I can actually walk flat footed.. What a disaster peg-leg I have been!
Here's my kitty Fraggle stretched out on my computer desk while I was trying to work this weekend.. He likes to lay upside down and backwards and stare at me.. Who can resist that face?!

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