Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Haute Hair

I'm always looking for funky and new ways to do my hair.. I was named the "chameleon" in junior high because I would never wear my hair the same two days in a row. I LOVE having my hair French braided or in a fishtail but I don't even know how to do them myself. During the week I normally just have a shower and let it dry naturally which ends up making it look like this:
Vodka Slurpee at the Stampede! Put a lil braid in my hair!
On the weekends I like to straighten it on Friday so it will last a few days or make it mega curly with gel and a diffuser blow dryer... If I have a lot of time I will use hot rollers for more uniform curls. What is your favorite going out hair? Here are some funky looks I found that caught my attention:
Beautiful colors in this fish tail
Classy side braid.
LOVE this sexy look for summer
Fab colors... I want to dye my hair with bright streaks one day just because :p
How the ?!
Braid + French Braid + fishtail ... weird but kinda funky
Great wedding hair
Loveee these loose waves. Very Lauren Conrad sexy
I *NEED* to learn how to do this!
Brilliant color
Haute couture hair
I always forget to do this.. So simple and chic
Rainbow Afro from 1970's Vogue
Wedding chignons
Classic 1960's hair and make up
Looks like Unicorn hair hehe

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