Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 I really enjoy home parties... Being that I sell Pampered Chef I might be a bit biased but I love the fact that you can shop in your own home with a bunch of girlfriends and wine and the products are normally always REALLY good quality. Last night my sister in law hosted a "Signature HomeStyles Party" which was interesting to me because after 3.5 years in the direct sales industry I have never heard of it. I was assuming it was Home & Gift which I have a few pieces from... Instead Signature HomeStyles has more of an "Organize, Colorize and Accessorize" tag line featuring everything from pillows to table runners to paintings and their signature product- wicker baskets. Normally you have to curb this girl from spending money... Cool down that credit card... Unfortunately I had to flip through the catalog 30+ times and STILL couldn't find ANYTHING that I needed or wanted. My house is pretty decked out and every wall is covered.. I did find this bamboo basket for beside my tub though:
I chose the linen-lined bamboo basket in the foreground for $27... I found the catalog to be quite pricey with this combo priced at $46 and they are quite small baskets regardless of what the photo shows. I wanted a set of three baskets for my laundry room but they were $133 .. Oy!
I think the main problem with this product is that it is so comparable to other products on the market. I bought sea grass baskets at Canadian Tire on boxing day for $8 each and they are HUGE! The closest basket in sea grass and the same size was $48... Eek! My mom, girlfriend and mother in law couldn't find a thing either which NEVER happens... Interesting... Maybe better for the hostess or someone just starting out? Here are some of their pieces that I liked though:
These cubes were quite functional and I liked the reversible top on the espresso cube. They also hold up to 290 lbs. so they can be a great seat and are actually made by a furniture company.
I do like the way baskets can tidy up an area such as the laundry room or pantry
This was probably my favorite piece- the golden poppy painting which was hand painted and only $60!
This is the starter kit which features some great pieces. I really like the fabric on the throw pillow and the vase was gorgeous in real life.
Maybe not my favorite home party but there is potential if you have a lot of decorating to do. What do you think? Have you ever been to a Signature Homestyle's party?

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